Lithofluids (features)

The Lithofluids module provides access to Predict and QI Workbench. Predict is an interface designed for prediction, calibration and QC of wells and models. Tools include spectral filters, integrated synthetics and displaying/calibrating inverted P impedance, S Impedance and Density volumes. At well locations, multiple low-frequency volumes can be loaded, compared and evaluated for bias prior to use in inversion.

The module includes a Bayesian supervised classification engine for making quantitative predictions using inverted seismic data and depth-dependent, statistical rock physics models. After calibrating at well locations, generate individual probability volumes for all candidate lithology and fluid combinations.

Using Predict, interactively calibrate and test classification parameters using wireline and upscaled logs and see predictions based on your inversion products update on the fly.

Read more about the Predict tools here.

Note: The Predict tool does not include seismic inversion.

QI Workbench is a stochastic interface modelling tool. Using input end-member depth-dependent trends, different lithology and fluid combinations can be created and stochastically forward-modelled. The ability to discriminate between different combinations and the variation in response as a function of depth and other variables, including reservoir quality and fluid saturation, can quickly be assessed using this software. 

QI Workbench uses Bayesian updating to make quantitative predictions based on stochastic rock physics models, hence providing reliable information on fluid discrimination.

* The Constrained Simultaneous Inversion (Absolute) and  Constrained Simultaneous Inversion (Relative) process is made available in the Rock and Lithofluids module temporarily.

Note: For details on Insight processes and how they work, see (Insight Processes overview page)

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