Launching SEG-Y Loader

The first step to use the SEG-Y Loader is to launch it from the DUG Insight Launcher.

Launch SEG-Y Loader

Launch SEG-Y Loader
  1. Open the DUG Insight Launcher by double-clicking the icon or, on Linux, running Insight from a terminal.
  2. Click Open Project to open an existing project directory or Create New to create a new project directory (see Opening an Existing Project and Creating a Project for more details).
    Note: As the SEG-Y Loader writes to the database, you must have the write access to the project database to use the application.
  3. Select SEG-Y Loader as the application you want to launch.
  4. Type or select the amount of memory that can be used by the application. You can type any amount here; you are not limited to the default selections. The SEG-Y Loader does not require much memory; the default 200 MB is recommended.
  5. Click Launch to run the SEG-Y Loader.

Follow steps in the SEG-Y loading wizard

Follow steps in the SEG-Y loading wizard

You can go through every step in the SEG-Y wizard by clicking Next. At any step, you can return to the previous steps to make adjustments by clicking Back.

See Basic Settings (3D SEG-Y) to begin loading your SEG-Y data.

Tip: Click the Help icon at the bottom left of the window to read the help information as you go through the steps.

Genuine offer of assistance

DUG understands that importing SEG-Y data can be a confusing task.

Whether you are using a trial version or a fully-paid licence, we will gladly help you to import your data to Insight so that you will get the maximum out of your data.

For more information, contact support at [email protected].