Setting the SEG-Y text (EBCDIC) header (export)

Before exporting a volume to SEG-Y, Insight allows you to edit all three SEG-Y text headers to match to your standard format: EBCDIC (text) Header; the per file Binary Header; and the per-Trace Header. If you already have a template, you can also load it to use.

Edit SEG-Y EBCDIC (text) headers
  1. Click Edit SEG-Y header. The SEGY Text Header Editor will be displayed.
    Note: Click the question mark icon to read the help document about the SEGY Text Header Editor.
  2. Type or paste over the header to edit.
    Note: All typing and pasting are in the overwrite mode.
  3. Note that when you type an invalid character that is not supported by the EBCDIC, the validator bar at the bottom of the window will display a message and the OK button will be disabled. Edit the header to make it valid.
  4. You can also load a template if you already have one. Click Load template and select the SEG-Y header template file.
  5. When you have edited the SEG-Y text header or loaded the template, click OK to exit the editor.