Extract (Horizon)

Use the Extract operation to create a non-gather horizon from a gather horizon. For example: use this operation to extract a single offset plane from a horizon picked on offset gathers.

For more information, see Creating a Horizon and Propagating a Horizon.

Note: The Extract  button is disabled if the input horizon is waiting for another operation (such as propagation). Insight notifies you to complete the previous operation before continuing.

Where is the Extract operation?

Extract is found in the Map View, under the Operations tab (along with other horizon operations)

Run the extract operation
  1. Open the Map View.
  2. Expand the left panel and open the Operations tab.
  3. At Operation, select Extract.

Tip: Click Help to read more information about this operation.

Configuring Extract

Run the extract operation
  1. Select a Gather Horizon to extract from.
  2. For horizons picked on offset gathers, this displays Offset. Choose the offset location to read.
    • This uses the gather dimension. For other types of gathers it will display the gather dimension, e.g. angle, frequency.
  3. Click Extract.
  4. After running the operation:
    • Click Discard to cancel this and delete the result.
    • Click Save as New Horizon to create a new horizon.

Note: By default, the new horizon will be named: “horizon_name (Off=offset_value)”.  For example, the operation above will yield a new horizon called "Example Gather Horizon (Off=3,000 m)". To rename the horizon, see Horizon Details and Configuration.