Create Episode for RMO picking

Episodes function as folders in the Imaging tree and contain the RMO picks. The prefix is used as a DUG's internal naming rule, in which users are required to name their directories (hence their episodes) sequentially. This way, you will be clear in exactly what order things were done as a typical imaging workflow involves multiple iterations of picking/tomography/migration.

All data for a specific episode will be kept in your project folder in the Imaging/episode_name/ directory under which sub-directories are created for RMO picks, migration, tomography and models.

Adding an Episode

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Imaging tab.
  2. Click the blue “+” icon and select New Episode
  3. The Create Episode window will be displayed.
  1. Type an episode Name
  2. Click OK
  3. A new episode will be displayed in the Imaging tree in the Control Panel.

New RMO Picks

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Imaging tab.
  2. Select an Episode.
  3. Under the Details Panel, click New RMO Picks
  1. Alternatively, click the blue “+” icon in the Imaging tab, and select New RMO.
  2. Select the episode and click Select
  3. The Configure RMO Picking window will appear.
  1. RMO Name: Type a name for the RMO picks.
  2. Click the Shared check box if you want to make it visible to other users.
  3. Offset Gathers: Select the gather volume to be used for the RMO picking. Both 2D and 3D gathers are supported.
    • For 2D gather, only CMP gather can be selected for picking.
  4. Type: select the type of RMO picking.
  5. Click OK to confirm. 
  6. A new RMO item will be available as part of the episode in the Imaging tree.

Tip: To rename the episode, double click on the episode in the Imaging tree. The Edit Episode window will be displayed. Type a new name for the episode and click OK. You will not be able to change the Episode type.