Enhance Flat

Description Enhance the flat events of a gather volume.
Module(s) Image Gather Processes
Requirements Volume
Works with Gathers

Attenuates flat events, record-by-record, using a Bessel filter approach.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Process tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the Add icon and select New Process.
  3. Scroll down and double-click on Enhance Flat.
  4. Type a name for the process and click OK.

Configuring Enhance Flat

Smooth a 2D/3D volume
  1. Volume: Select the input volume
  2. Select Output noise model instead of filtered input.
  3. Harshness: The filter is more stable for larger values, but at the cost of less rejection. The default, 0, results in a very deep sharp notch.
  4. Ramp length (ms): If start/end times are specified, a linear ramp is applied, centred on the start/end time, blending the filtered and unfiltered data together.
  5. Filter start / end times (ms): The times at which to start/end filtering. If no values are selected, the entire trace will be filtered.