Using the 3D View

The 3D View displays seismic, horizons and other data in 3D space.

When opened, it displays a plan view aligned to the X/Y coordinate system. The anchor point sits at the centre of the screen, marked by a red-yellow-blue crosshair.

From the Control Panel, open the View menu and select 3D view.

Each area of the Navigation bar includes a green/amber traffic light to hide or show the relevant section.

  • The domain selector provides a TWT, TVDSS or flattened slice.
  • The IL/CL selector shows IL/CL sections.
  • The Line selector shows 2D lines.
  • The Arbline selector shows an arbline.

At Vol, select the volume or group to view. The enabled areas of the navigation bar will display their slice or section from the selected data volume.

See Using the navigation bar in views page for more details.

Take screenshot Take a screenshot of the current view and save it to an image file. Hold CTRL/CMD and click to save the image to the clipboard (see Taking Screen Captures for more details).
Reset view Click to return to the original perspective.
Set anchor point Click this, then click in the view to place the anchor point (rotation center) at a specific location.
Set anchor point and align Click this, then click on an IL/CL, 2D or arbline section to centre on the clicked location and align the view to that section.

Other actions in this view:

Up/Down arrow button Shift inline by one increment
Left/Right arrow button Shift crossline by one increment
CTRL + Up/Down arrow button Shift depth by one increment
Page Up/Down Cycle selected volume
H Reset view to be from above, with everything visible
Drag with left mouse button
Change (rotate) the viewing direction.
Scroll with mouse wheel
Move the display in/out
Drag with right mouse button
Move the display in survey coordinates i.e. X and Y
Press F1
Rotate to be parallel to the inline direction in the current 3D survey
Press F2 Rotate to be parallel to the crossline direction in the current 3D survey
Press F3 Rotate to be parallel to the current 2D line
CTRL + drag (left mouse button) a slice or IL/CL section
Re-position the displayed slice or IL/CL section to a new location.
CTRL + drag (right mouse button) Move the display in depth/time direction
SHIFT + drag (right mouse button) Move the display left/right/up/down