Simple Mute

Description Mute traces using a header value or constant.
Module(s) Gather Attributes
Requirements Volume
Related Polygon Mute, Mute Gathers
Works with 2D, Stack, Gathers, Dip Fields

Simple mute zeroes each trace using a header value or constant, with an optional moveout applied to the mute.

Create a Simple Mute process

Create a mute gather process
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Process tab.
  2. Click the blue "+" icon at the tab header, and select New Process.
  3. Search and double-click Simple Mute
  4. Type a name for the process and click OK.

Define Simple Mute settings

Define mute gather settings
  1. Volume: Select the volume to mute.
  2. Mode: Select Taper Mode to specify ramp centred on the mute or Threshold Mode to specify threshold amplitude.
  3. Remove data: Zero the region above or below the mute     
  4. Mute value: Derive the mute from a header value or use a constant.
    • Header: Select a trace header containing the mute value. Header values may be scaled (default 1), or shifted by a constant (default 0)
    • Constant: enter a simple constant value
  5. Ramp: Apply a ramp to the muting, centred at the mute.
  6. Ramp Type: Select the type of ramp to use, either cubic (similar to cosine) or linear.
  7. Apply moveout correction to the mute: If checked, shift the mute time according to the calculated moveout (from offset and velocity).
    • Only applicable to time volumes.
    • Use offset distance values from the OFFSET header, or calculate from the source and receiver location.
    • Velocity: Enter the velocity for calculating the moveout.