Importing Culture Files

Supported culture formats are:

There are two ways to import culture:

  • A culture layer that is overlaid on a Map, or
  • An image layer that is shown on a specific time slice/section

All culture items are listed in the Culture tab in Control Panel. Images imported onto a time slice only display when the time slice is turned on (see Import Images onto Map View).

Importing to the culture layer

Importing culture
  1. In the Control Panel, go to the Import menu.
  2. Click Culture.
  3. Select the culture file(s) to be loaded, and click Open.

Provide coordinate details

Select the type of coordinates

Shapefiles and Geotiff files may include coordinate information. If the imported CRS is different to the project CRS, the Coordinate Reference System conversion window will be displayed.

Type of coordinates:

  • Eastings / Northings (i.e. X/Ys) or Latitude / Longitude coordinates.

Converting coordinates to the project CRS

Convert culture CRS to project CRS
  1. Convert from:
    • Specify the CRS of the imported culture. This will be converted to the project CRS (see Creating a Project for details on the project CRS).
  2. Constrain Area:
    • Choose a polygon to load a specific area from the culture data.
  3. Click OK

Note: If you are importing multiple culture files at the same time, the same conversion will be applied to all files.

To include culture information in a Map View that is already imported to the project, see Working with Culture.