Clone a Project Database

This feature allows you to create a separate copy of the project in a new directory.

Create a clone

Create a backup
  1. Launch the Data Manager (see Launching the Data Manager).
  2. In the Data Manager window, click Clone.

Note: The project you open in the Insight Launcher will be the project that you want to clone.

Output directory

Output directory
  1. At the Output Directory field, click the folder icon on the right.
  2. Browse to the directory where you want to keep a clone of your project or create a new output directory. Click Save.

Select item(s) to copy

Select item(s) to copy
  1. Select the Copy dugio volumes check box to create a copy of the dugio volumes in the clone project.
    Note: If you do not select the Copy dugio volumes checkbox, Data Manager will only copy references to the existing dugio volumes instead of creating a new copy.
  2. Optionally, if you have selected to copy dugio volumes, specify the maximum size of the volumes to be copied in the Don't copy volumes larger than X MB field.
  3. Click on the Also copy volumes stored outside the project directory check box to copy volumes external to the project.
  4. Select the Copy horizons/Images check box to include all the horizons and images from your project in the clone project.
  5. When you are ready, click Create Copy to clone your project.
  6. A notice will appear to confirm that the copy has been created at the path you specified.