Creating Litho-Fluids

You can combine the lithologies and fluids defined from the previous tabs to create a lithofluid combination. This combination primarily consists of a reservoir, a non-reservoir (as a mixing component), and the fluid filling the pore spaces of the reservoir. This litho-fluid combination can then be forward modelled to evaluate its changes in elastic properties (e.g. Vp, Vs, Density and Acoustic Impedance) as a function of depth. 

Several litho-fluid combination models (e.g. reservoir with different fluid saturations) can also be created and forward modelled simultaneously to assess the influence of a certain parameter (e.g. fluid saturation) to the elastic properties of the models at any given depth.

  1. In the Litho-Fluids tab, click the + (Create Litho-Fluids) button.
  2. In the Non-Res, Reservoir, and Fluid fields, select the items required for litho-fluid combinations.
  3. In the Net to Gross input box, create saturation fractions by entering a value. For example: 0 = 0%, 0.5 = 50%, 1 = 100%.