Licencing Overview

Licence types

In Insight, there are two types of licences that are available: 

  1. Node-locked licence, which is fixed to a single computer. 
    • Activating a node-locked licence will bind it to a particular computer. 
    • As such, node-locked licences are intended for use by a single person at a time. 
  2. Floating licence, which may be installed on multiple computers, but only used by one user at a time per licence.
    • For cloud-based Virtual Machines that allow multiple logins using systems like Azure, AWS, Citrix, VNC, or remote X-Windows sessions, floating licences must be purchased.
    • An active internet connection is required to activate and use a floating licence
    • Every instance of Insight consumes a floating licence. Hence, opening multiple projects on a single machine will occupy multiple floating licences.

Activating and viewing licences

If you are on the fence about whether to purchase DUG Insight, you can choose to trial Insight with an evaluation licence. For more information on the limitations of an evaluation licence, and steps to request for an evaluation licence, see Obtaining an Evaluation Licence

Whether you are purchasing or evaluating Insight, you will receive a licence token via email upon a successful request. There are two ways to activate the licence token:

  • Online Activation — Online activation requires an active internet connection. 
  • Email Activation — Alternatively, if you do not have direct internet access, you can activate your Insight licence via email. 

You can view your license(s) from the Licence Manager (see Viewing Licences) after activation.

Node-locked licences and working off-line

For travel and when working in areas with limited connectivity, we recommend using a node-locked licence. Contact [email protected] if you have floating licences and would like to arrange a temporary node-locked licence for travel purposes.

During activation, details about the computer are combined to generate a unique key. This key is sent to the DUG licensing server and registered with the licence. If an internet connection is available, this is done automatically, but manual activation is possible via email if connectivity is limited (contact [email protected] for more details).

After activation, an internet connection is not required to use the licence.


If you are unable to connect to our server to validate your licence token online, your network could require a proxy to access the web. See Configuring Proxy Settings to access and configure your network.

If you need to configure the firewall, see Firewall Configuration.


For more complicated troubleshooting problems, refer to the Licencing section of the FAQ.