Curve Extrapolator

Description Extrapolate well cure to top and base (formula, linear, volume horizon).
Module(s) Explorationist
Requirements Window Model
Works with

Extrapolates the well curve to the top and base of the model.

  1. In the Control Panel, go to View > New Single Well View.
  2. In the Single Well window, open the Process tab.
  3. At the tab header, click the blue "+" icon.
  4. Click on Curve Extrapolator (One Curve).
  5. Type a name for the process and click OK.

Configure the curve extrapolator

  1. Curve: Select a well curve.
  2. Missing / Invalid Values: Choose the action when input variables are unavailable, null or invalid prior to filtering. This rule is applied when calculating each sample:
    • Interpolate: Interpolate missing values using the class interpolation setting.
    • Output is Null:
      • Output null (empty value) if the value of any curve is invalid.
      • Output null (empty value) if the result is invalid.
    • Output is 0:
      • Output zero if the value of any curve is invalid.
      • Output zero if the result is invalid.
  1. Windowing model: Select an existing windowing model (see Creating a Windowing Model).
  2. Extrapolation method: Select different extrapolation method for different windows.
    1. Formula: A constant number or a user defined formula such as V0+K.
    2. Linear: Calculates a linear function based on the first and last point of the log curve in a window. If only 1 point is available, the value is extrapolated.
    3. Volume: Where a log curve is not available, takes the value from the volume. Only a volume in the same domain as the output extent is accepted.
    4. Horizon: Where a log curve is not available, takes the horizon property value.
  1. By default, the output curve name uses the following values: extrap: Curve Class Process Name.
    • For example: extrap: P Velocity Curve Extrapolator.
  2. Enable custom name:  Allow the user to define the process output curve name.
  3. Extent: Output can be in MDKB, TWT or TVDSS domain.
    • On the fly (Run time) curve uses Checkshot velocity is used for domain conversion.
    • Enter the start, stop and step size.
    • Reset: automatically set the start and stop values to match the input curve.