Curve Extrapolator

Description Extrapolate well cure to top and base (formula, linear, volume horizon).
Module(s) Quantitative Interpretation, Explorationist *
Requirements Window Model
Works with

* This process is made available in the Explorationist module temporarily.

Extrapolates the well curve to the top and base of the model.

  1. In the Control Panel, go to View > New Single Well View.
  2. In the Single Well window, open the Process tab.
  3. At the tab header, click the blue "+" icon.
  4. Click on Curve Extrapolator (One Curve).
  5. Type a name for the process and click OK.

Configure the curve extrapolator

  1. Curve: Select a well curve.
  2. Missing / Invalid Values: Choose the action when input variables are unavailable, null or invalid prior to filtering. This rule is applied when calculating each sample:
    • Interpolate: Interpolate missing values using the class interpolation setting.
    • Output is Null:
      • Output null (empty value) if the value of any curve is invalid.
      • Output null (empty value) if the result is invalid.
    • Output is 0:
      • Output zero if the value of any curve is invalid.
      • Output zero if the result is invalid.
  1. Windowing model: Select an existing windowing model (see Creating a Windowing Model).
  2. Extrapolation method: Select different extrapolation method for different windows.
    1. Formula: A constant number or a user defined formula such as V0+K.
    2. Linear: Calculates a linear function based on the first and last point of the log curve in a window. If only 1 point is available, the value is extrapolated.
    3. Volume: Where a log curve is not available, takes the value from the volume. Only a volume in the same domain as the output extent is accepted.
    4. Horizon: Where a log curve is not available, takes the horizon property value.
  1. By default, the output curve name uses the following values: extrap: Curve Class Process Name.
    • For example: extrap: P Velocity Curve Extrapolator.
  2. Enable custom name:  Allow the user to define the process output curve name.
  3. Extent: Output can be in MDKB, TWT or TVDSS domain.
    • On the fly (Run time) curve uses Checkshot velocity is used for domain conversion.
    • Enter the start, stop and step size.
    • Reset: automatically set the start and stop values to match the input curve.