Posting Well Information in the Map View

Display well information (status, total depth, water depth, kelly bushing height, UWI) or markers along the well path in the Map View.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Well tab.
  2. Select the well.
  3. In the selected well panel, click the double-arrow icon to show the Map Settings (see Map Settings in Well Settings and Display).
  1. In the Well Info section, select well information to display. 
    • Position: Set the relative position of the symbol, well name, and posted information.
    • Symbol: Turn the well symbol on/off for display.
    • Use the dots at the left to reorder well details for posting in the map view.
    • Control label size and color individually for each property

To add data and marker intersections to the well path, see Adding Data Intersections in Map View.