Wells Overview

In Insight, wells are created and managed in the Well tab.

See Creating a New Well to create a well object in Insight and define the general information.

You can also open the Well Manager tool from the Well tab. Refer to About Well Manager Tool for more information.


Import/load well

If you already have a well from an older version of Insight, you can import it into your project database (see Importing a Legacy Well), but make sure the format of the file is acceptable by Insight (see Well Import File Formats). To create a new well from exported well components, see Importing Bulk Well Data. Individual well components can be imported (see Configure well components below)

Wells that have been saved in the project database can be loaded into your session in the normal way (see Loading Wells).

Configure well components

Once you have imported/loaded a well object, you can link the new well to its components (i.e. the deviation, checkshots, markers and LAS files).

See the following for more details on loading each component:

Each component can be managed from the Configure Well window. To open the Configure Well window:

  • Double click on the well;
  • right-click and select Configure; or
  • click the square note icon.

To understand what each action does in the Configure Well window, see Managing Well Components.

If you are loading multiple deviations, checkshots, markers and LAS files for a well, a default can be manually selected to define the component. For further instructions, see:

Well settings

Certain well properties, such as well and marker view settings, can be configured from the Details Panel of the Well tab (see Using Well Properties).

However, properties such as well curves can be selected for ALL wells by pressing CTRL+A in the wells tab and selecting the curve in the wells details panel.

View Well(s)

To view well(s):

  1. Select one or multiple well.
  2. Right-click and select Show in view > Open New Well view for [well].

Well datums

Well datums

The diagram above depicts the measurement of each height datum together with its abbreviation. 

For more information, see Height datums and abbreviations.