Using the Single Well View

The Single Well View displays information, logs and curves for one well. The view uses templates to build and customise the display of well log data.

Displaying a Well

Template tab
  1. Select the well from the Current Well search box.

Note: Only enabled wells are included in the list. Enable or disable wells in the Wells tab of the Control Panel. Read about Activating/Deactivating Items.

Template Tab

The Template tab manages templates, and adjusts settings for the entire view.

Template tab

Template Settings

Templates can be shared between Well Correlation View and Single Well View. The configuration is the same.

Template tab

See Working with Templates for more information.

Tracks Tab

See the Tracks Overview page for details.

Well Curves Tab

The Well Curves tab in Single Well View lists all curves for the well, grouped by the curve class.

  1. Class and curve tree: Select a curve to display its details.
  2. Details: Class and naming information for the curve.
  3. Statistics: The extent and descriptive statistics for the curve values.