Displaying Adjacent Horizon Picks

While interpreting horizons, previously picked values are a useful guide to correctly placing new picks. This option shows horizon values from nearby lines on the current line while picking.

Note: This option is only available for horizons on a 3D survey. Adjacent picks are only shown when picking is enabled in IL/CL and arbline views.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Horizon tab.
  2. Select the horizon to interpret.
  3. In the Details Panel, expand the Display/Histogram section.
  4. Enable the Display adjacent picks check box.
  5. Set the Next and Previous step line style, colour and thickness.
    a.     If the horizon “Show on sections” colour is changed, the next and previous colours are also updated.

Adjacent picks are displayed from the same horizon while picking is enabled in IL/CL and arbline views. The adjacent picks are selected using the increment in the navigation bar for the view, for example: