Tool Menu

The Tool menu in the Control Panel includes all the tools that are available in Insight for users to process and obtain additional information.

Opening these tools will display a separate window unique to the operation.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Tool menu.
  2. Click on the relevant tool:
    • Mistie Overview Table — This allows you to view the mistie summary after performing manual or automatic mistie corrections (see Viewing Mistie Summary).
    • Mistie Correction - Automatic — This will open the mistie correction wizard that allows you to automatically correct data misties (see Automatic Mistie Corrections).
    • Synthetics — This will open the Synthetics application (see Using the Synthetics Window).
    • Synthetics Analysis Table — This table displays the analysis of synthetics misties of the wells (see Statistical Analysis of Synthetics).
    • Predict — This window allows users to display well log curves while configuring synthetics and applying filters (see Using the Predict Window).
    • Pore Pressure — This module allows you to perform interactive geopressure analysis, calibration and prediction at wells and in 3D (see Pore Pressure Prediction: Module Summary).
    • Spectra Analysis — This allows you to view and compare the spectra of volume traces and wavelets (see Spectra Analysis — Overview).
    • VolumetricsThis will open the Volumetrics wizard to calculate the volume of a structure defined by a top or a top plus a base (see Using the Volumetrics Wizard).
    • Velocity Picking — Select the velocity picks that you have created. The Velocity Picking window will be displayed (see Velocity Picking).
    • Manage Templates Save time by creating custom views, reuse and share templates between sessions, projects and users (See Working with Templates).
    • Preferences — This allows you to set the preferred display units, internet settings, crosshair size and colour, and mouse sensitivity (see Preferences).