Opening a Gather View

Open the Gather View
  1. Go to Control Panel > View, and select Gather View.
  2. Select the domain (TWT or TVDSS) to display.
  3. Offset Vol: Select the gather volume to view.
  4. Values in italics with a dashed border represent unavailable locations
    • To get to the nearest gather, right-click in the IL/CL box and select Move to nearest uninterpolated location
  5. Blue '+' button: Options to show the volume in their default gather dimensions.
    • Offset (m)
    • Default Gather Only
  6. Show: Choose the number of gathers to display in each dimension (IL / CL)
  7. Spaced: Set the spacing (in IL/CL) between the displayed gathers
  8. The gather at the specified IL/CL is highlighted in green
  9. To navigate in IL and CL:
    • Type the inline and crossline value;
    • Scroll the mouse wheel in the textbox; or
    • Click the up/down buttons
  10. Width: Set the width of each gather panel in pixels
    • Choose zero (0) to auto-fit

Note: When gather volumes are loaded, additional views may be available:

  • IL/Gather/CL View is an extended IL/CL View that includes the gather data in a central panel.
  • IL/CL SD View shows a horizontal gather display at the bottom of the IL/CL View of the frequency gathers at the currently selected time or depth.

Tip: Press CTRL+Shift+r to reverse the order of the Gather panels, i.e. reverse the set of displayed gathers, not each gather on its axis.

Display Amplitude Graph

  1. Right click anywhere in the Gather View.
  2. Click Toggle amplitude graph.
  3. The amplitude graph will appear below their respective gathers.
  4. To scale the graph:
    • Right-click in the left axis of the amplitude graph
    • Right-click in the panel and select Zoom to fit
    • Right-click in the panel and select Zoom to range...
      • Disable the “From class” box to override the maximum range values.
      • Enable "From class" to automatically use the class settings to set the minimum to maximum value range.
      • Click Estimate and Insight will estimates the value range of the data. If the estimate is different from the class range, the range is overridden using this setting.

Tip: The amplitude will only appear if the intersections are turned on. Press CTRL+Shift+i to check if the intersections are turned on or off.

Gather view context menu

In the Gather view, right-click anywhere to show the context menu.

  • Toggle amplitude graph: Show/hide the amplitude graph below the gathers.
  • Create a new polygon: Add a polygon in the gather view.
  • Add Measurement: Measure distance between two points.
  • Display settings...: Additional display options.
  • Duplicate this window: Create a copy of this window.
  • Zoom to fit: Fit all the gathers/graph in the window.