Using Tables

Insight's Tables feature manages and visualises tabular information, typically comma-separated value (csv) files..

  1. Tables can be accessed from the Table tab on the Insight control panel.
    • Any workflow within the session that generates a table will automatically be detected and listed.
  1. Tables can also be imported from csv files via New Table option in the top-left menu.

Tables can be visualised in the Map View, the IL/CL View and also via the Crossplot tab.

  1. In this example, a Map View is created to show the water velocity fit of an OBN QC output.
  2. The radius of the dots is scaled by the number of shots column from the table and receiver station numbers are used for annotation
  1. Here, a crossplot of receiver line against receiver station number is shown with the colour determined by the RMS of the P component.