Picking in 3D View (Polygon)

Polygons can also be created in a 3D View. However, polygons are two-dimensional and must be traced on a selected inline, crossline or time/depth slice.

Tip: A polygon can also be drawn on a 2D line in the 3D View. To do this, select a 2D volume and its respective 2D line to draw the polygon.

Pick polygon points in 3D View

Pick polygon points in 3D View
  1. Create a polygon as explained in Creating a Polygon.
  2. At the polygon item row, click the Pick polygon pencil icon to enable the picking mode. This icon will be disabled if you are not the owner of the polygon (see Multi-user Considerations).
  3. In the 3D View, make sure you are at the IL/CL or horizontal slice that you wish to create the polygon. Adjust the IL/CL or slice by changing the values in the Navigation Bar in the 3D View.
  4. Click on the IL/CL or the horizontal slice to define the perimeter of the polygon on the selected 2D area. Right-click to finish picking.
  5. Right-click an existing point to delete it.
  6. To move an existing point, click the point and click at a new location to place the point there.
  7. To add a new point from the point you have just moved, continue to click at another location to place the new polygon point.
  8. Right click to end a segment while picking.
  9. To add a new shape to the existing polygon product, click at a new location and begin picking. You cannot create another shape at a different 2D slice.
  10. To exit the picking mode, click the Pick polygon pencil icon. Alternatively, double-click or press Esc to disable polygon picking in the 3D View.
  11. At any time during your session, you can edit or delete polygon points or shapes by enabling picking mode or by changing the coordinates in the Details Panel (see Editing a Polygon).

The line and survey on which the polygon has been defined will be displayed in the polygon Details Panel. However, unlike a time-/depth-slice polygon, these cannot be changed.

See the following example of a polygon drawn on an inline in the 3D View:

Note: The 3D View also displays other polygons drawn on the map and section views. Hide the display of the polygons by clicking the green circle at the polygon item row in the Polygon tab in the Control Panel.