Curve Tracks

Curve tracks display well curves and extracted curves from volumes. A curve track can display one or more curves, or be left empty to display marker and horizon annotations.

Distinct curve types exist to display cross-over fills (e.g. Neutron & Density) and stacked fills (e.g. spectral gamma).


Using Curve Tracks

  1. Curves are displayed according to the order in the track panel.
  2. Drag curves up/down in the Curve Track to change the displayed order.
  1. Hide or show tracks.
  2. Select a curve to show its details panel.
    • In the template display, left-click a curve to select the curve settings in the track.
  1. Right-click a curve to show options.

Adding Curve Tracks

Add curves
  1. In the Track panel, click the blue "+" icon and select Add Curve Track.
    • A new curve track is created in the tree and is shown in the view.
  2. Select the new track to show details and change settings.

Curve Track Settings

Add curves
  1. Appearance
    • Title: Enter a title for the track header
    • Track width: The width of the track (in pixels)
      • Track width can be adjusted interactively in the view
    • Background: Select the colour for the track background
  2. Axis Settings
    • Show grid lines: Toggle grid lines on/off
    • On top: Draw grid lines on top of curves
    • Value axis: How to set the horizontal value range
      • All curves share value axis; or
      • Curves have independent value axes
    • Use value axis from: Choose the curve to use for the range (if shared)
    • Grid lines: Set the number of grid lines to show
  3. Markers

Tip: You can change the settings for multiple tracks by selecting several tracks then updating the options.

Adding Well Curves to Tracks

There are several ways to add curves to tracks:

  • In the Tracks tab
    • Right-click a track and select Add well curve.
  • In the Well Curves tab
    • Drag a curve or class into the track
    • Right-click a curve, select Add to track then choose the destination track.

See Well Log Curves for more information on adding Well Log Curves to tracks.