What’s new in DUG Insight 4.8

DUG Insight 4.8

Welcome to the latest version of DUG-Insight! Below are some of the exciting new features which are now available. Why not give it a spin?

Well / Map Intersections:

  • Post extra well information directly in the Map View
  • Display Horizon and Marker intersections with well directly in the Map View
  • Add multiple labels at one time
  • Display TWT or TVDSS information

Gather Amplitude Operation

  • New horizon operation which extracts properties on gather horizons from gather volumes
  • Apply an extra sum operation along the gather offset of a horizon, such as sum/min/max etc.

 Interpretation Hotkeys

  • Quickly toggle on/off interpretation using our new hotkeys
    • Ctrl-shift-H - Horizons
    • Ctrl-shift-F - Faults
    • Ctrl-shift-P - Polygons
    • Ctrl-shift-O - Probes
    • Ctrl-shift-A - All Interpretation


  • New Butterworth wavelet field
  • User-specified frequency filter pass and stop, including: low/high/Band-pass options

 Selection Groups

  • New option in our Groups functionality
  • A quick way to toggle between volumes, display groups and RGB/CMY groups to allow easy comparison of results

CRS Library Upgrade

  • EPSG database updated to version 9.7.0
  • Includes new GDA2020 datum

Simple Structured model

  • Constructs a layered model using the structure defined in a window model.  Each value is filled with a single value, volume or horizon
  • Quickly build simple velocity models, stratigraphic/lithology overlays, wedge models or Low Frequency models