Configuring 4k Monitors in Insight

Modern screens can have very high resolution, often referred to as 4k displays. Insight will work on both high resolution and a more traditional resolution screen size but you may need to adjust the User Interface (UI) scaling of Insight to get the best performance possible.

Checking the Windows Display Resolution

  1. Go to the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Click Settings > System.
  3. Select Display.
  4. Scroll down and locate the Scale and layout section.
  • Values close to 1920x1080 are a non 4k resolution.
  • Values closer to 3840x2160 are referred to as 4k resolution.

Changing the Windows Display scaling

Windows will also scale applications to be more visible to the user. You can check the current scale settings or make adjustments in the same System Display window as the Display resolution.

  1. Under change the size of text, apps, and other items, select the most suitable scaling option that matches your screen resolution.
  1. Click on Advanced scaling settings and check that the windows automatic scaling fix is turned off. This setting has been known to cause problems for some users.

Note: You need to restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

Once you have established your screen resolution and scaling, adjust the Insight User Interface (UI) Scaling as required.

  1. In the Insight launcher, type the UI scaling value that works with your monitor resolution.
    • Non 4k resolution setting: Windows display at 1980x1080 or similar resolution.
      • Windows scaling = 100%, Insight UI scaling = 1.
    • 4k resolution setting: Windows display at 3840x2160 or similar resolution.
      • Windows Scaling = 100%, Insight's UI Scaling = 1.
      • Windows Scaling > 100%, Insight's UI Scaling > 1.

Note: For consistency in appearance (between other applications and Insight) and best performance, Insight's UI Scaling should match Windows scaling whenever possible e.g. Windows Scaling = 200, Insight’s UI scaling = 2.

Note: For user with multiple screens, it is advisable to use the same display setting for all screens.