Displaying Synthetics Well Curves

Apart from displaying the synthetics in groups (see Displaying Synthetics in Groups), you can also display the specific synthetics curve and delta curve of a well in section views against the seismic.

Note: To generate the delta curve in Synthetics, see Displaying the Delta Curve.

Add output curves to wells

Configure synthetics
  1. In the Synthetics window, click the Synthetic tab.
  2. Add new synthetic cases as required (see Creating Synthetic Cases).
Add output curves to wells
  1. At the Well Curves section, select the Add output curves to Wells checkbox.
  2. Use the default prefix or type a new Curve Prefix.

Select the synthetics curve to be displayed

  1. Go to the Control Panel > Wells tab and select the desired well.
  2. The synthetics inherits the same class of the seismic chosen for the synthetic case. Under the Display section, select the seismic class in the class chooser and then select the curve.

Note: If the range is clipped, set the class range to match the seismic (see Adjusting the Clip).

Select the synthetics curve to be displayed
  1. Click the Curve selector and the Well Curve chooser window will appear.
  2. Select the desired synthetic curve.
  3. Click OK to close.

Note: Typing the name of the synthetic curve next to the class will also show the curve.

The following example shows a delta curve of a well in the section view (IL/CL View).