Working with Templates

In Single Well View and Well Correlation View, the displayed tracks and curves can be saved as templates. Templates contain all the settings and information required to recreate a well view. In section views, use templates to display additional curves at each well.

To save time creating custom views, reuse and share templates between sessions, projects and users.

Selecting Well(s)

Insight uses two main views to display well data:

  • Single Well: Display information, settings and components for a single well
  • Well Correlation: Display logs and information for multiple wells

In Single Well View, use the well selector in the Navigation bar of the view.

In Well Correlation View, choose the well selection method:

  • Show all visible wells.
  • Show visible wells near arbline: Show visible wells near a selected arbline.
  • Show selected wells: Choose specific wells to include in the view.
    • Click the blue “+” button to add wells

Well Templates

Templates contain all the settings and information required to recreate a well view. 

Each view has an active template, independent from the template in other views. Changes made to the active view template are not automatically shared. Use Update to send the changes from the view back to the shared template and update other views using the template.

Note: Insight will prompt you to save the Well Template when you exit the Well View window. Click Yes to close without saving or No to return to the window.

Working with Templates

  1. Load Template: Select a template from the list and use it in the display
  2. Undo/Redo: Remove or reinstate changes made to the current view
  3. Update: Update the template to match the current view
    • Other views and sections using the template will be updated.
  1. Save As: Save the current template with a new template name
    • Name: Enter a name for the new template
    • Replace: Choose an existing template to replace its settings
  2. Import: Import a template from a file. 
    • Use this to transfer useful templates between projects.
  1. Export: Export a template to a file, or create a project default
    • Name: The template name. Include in defaults: If enabled, the template is saved and included in the list of well templates in all sessions of the project, for all users.
    • Export: Output the template
    • File name: The exported file name is automatically determined using the template name. 
    • Output path:
      Include in defaults (enabled): <<project>>/view/templates/wells/default
      Include in defaults (disabled): <<project>>/view/templates/wells

Managing Templates

Rename, copy or delete templates using the Manage Templates window. 

  1. In the Control Panel, click Tool > Manage Templates.
  2. The Manage Templates window will be displayed containing the available templates.
  3. Select a template, then click an action:
    • Close: close this window.
    • Delete: Remove the selected template.
  • Rename: Change the name of a template
    • Enter a new name for the template and click OK.
  • Copy: Duplicate a template
    •  Enter a new name for the copy and click OK.

View Settings

See Well View Settings for more information.