Spectral Analysis Settings

Volume Settings

Define settings for gather volume in Spectra Analysis

Select an entry in the table to show the details in the panel below.

  1. Green/amber circle: Show or hide the spectrum for this data
  2. Volume contains wavelets:
    • Enabled: include leading and trailing zero values (e.g. wavelets)
    • Disabled: Trim leading and trailing zeros before calculating the spectrum
  3. Line thickness: Adjust the line thickness
  4. Line colour: Click to set the colour
  5. Show Signal/Noise Spectrum: Enable to include signal and/or noise spectra (see Signal and Noise Estimates).
  1. For depth volumes: Type the sample rate for the depth to time volume conversion in Spectral Viewer. Note: Set the Depth to Time default sequence in the Spectra View settings window by clicking the spanner icon.

Gather Settings

Gather volumes have additional settings:

  1. Offset (m): (or gather dimension) Select a specific gather dimension value, or All to view the spectra for all traces in the gather
  2. Inner Mute: Apply an inner mute before analysis
  3. Outer Mute: Apply an outer mute before analysis

Note: Traces are tapered using a window that is the intersection of the selected Windowing Model interface (see Creating a Windowing Model) and the mutes.

Warning: Moveout is not taken into account if the selected polygon is picked on a vertical section.