Using the Well Info Summary Table

  1. Select well(s) in Search Options.
    • Choose the Attribute, search condition and Values to search.
    • Click the blue (+) button to add search condition(s). Selecting a blank search value will display all wells. For more information, refer to Searching for Wells.
  2. Click and select the additional well information to be shown in the table. These will be added as the last columns in the table.
    • Well Number
    • Custom Name
    • Folder
    • Notes
  1. Click the Display units drop-down box to change the measurement unit.
    • Project Units
    • International Metres
    • International Feet
  2. Click the column header to sort the table in ascending or descending order.
  3. Type in a search keyword to filter the table according to that keyword.
  1. Right-click on a table cell to access the context menu.
    • Add [number of] wells above
    • Add [number of] wells below
    • Relinquish ownership of [number of] wells
    • Take ownership of [number of] wells
    • Take ownership of [number of] wells and all components
    • Delete [number of] wells from project
    • Copy or Paste
    • Labels
  2. Click on a cell to edit the content. Note: Only the well owner is allowed to make changes to the well data (see Taking Ownership of Wells).
  3. Click undo/redo to revert data of the latest change.
  4. Click Commit to save the changes in the table.
  5. Click Export Table to save the table as a tab-separated value (TSV) file.
    • If there are no wells highlighted, the Well Manager Tool will export the whole table.  
    • If there are one or more highlighted wells, the export will only save the highlighted wells.