Well Log Curves

Multiple curves per track
  1. Click the colour bar to open the class settings.
  2. Click the curve-chooser button to select specific curves and set name filters
  3. See Curve Display Settings to control the display of curves.

Adding Well Curves to Tracks

There are several ways to add curves to tracks:

  • In the Tracks tab
    • Right-click a track and select Add well curve.
  • In the Well Curves tab
    • Drag a curve or class into the track
    • Right-click a curve, select Add to track then choose the destination track.

Using Drag-n-Drop from the Well Curves tab

drag and drop
  1. Select a curve or class from the Well Curves tab.
  2. Drag-and-drop the curve into the tracks display
    • Drop between existing tracks to insert a new track.
    • Drop into an empty space to create a new track.
    • Drop onto an existing track to add the curve to the track.

Note: The default track name and curve name is the first selected curve. The track name title can be renamed under the track appearance settings.

Multiple curves per track

Note: Curves are displayed in the order they are listed in the track panel. Drag curves up/down in the Curve Track to change the displayed order.

Using the Context Menu from the Well Curves tab

  1. Click the Well Curves tab.
  2. Right-click a curve or class and choose Add to track, then select an existing track or New track.

Note: If multiple curves are selected (using CTRL or SHIFT + click), they are added to the same track. The default title for the track is the first selected curve, and can be renamed under the track appearance settings.

Using the Context Menu from the Tracks tab

Well curve
  1. Right click a curve track (Curves: [curve track name]) and select Add well curve...
  2. Select the curve class from the drop-down menu.