Well Configuration for the PPP Module

Well configuration for the PPP module

After wells are imported, and the Pore Pressure Prediction view is open, the necessary curves are defined under the Well Settings tab:

Curve data selection

The log data required for 1D well calibration of PPP are:

  • P-sonic — selected from a curve set of the current well.
  • Density — logged bulk density, or synthesised using Gardner-Gardner-Gregory or custom relationships.
  • Resistivity — logged, ideally deep-zone formation resistivity.
  • Shale indicator — traditionally a Gamma log, used to define points for the Observed Shale Compaction Trend Line (OSCTL).

Display window and window of interest

Set these to override the default windows (under the View tab)

  • Display window — defines the vertical view extends for the tracks.
  • Window of interest — defines the extents over which PPP is made..

The complete description of track and curve view settings are explained in View Options and Export Options.

Now that the wells are imported and configured, the remainder of this chapter describes the workflow laid out in the PPP module tabs.

Display window and window of interest