Copy Objects Tool

The Copy Objects tool copies any Insight items between projects, including volumes, sessions, horizons, mutes and sessions.

TIP: When copying a session, every item in the session is automatically included. This is extremely useful for creating partial projects from a master project, i.e. for data rooms or transferring between locations.

WARNING: Coordinate transformations are not when copying objects. Make sure that the source and destination projects share the same CRS before copying!

Available in: Data Manager module

Running the tool from the Data Manager

Create a backup
  1. Launch the Data Manager (see Launching the Data Manager).
  2. Note: The project selected in the DUG Insight Launcher is the project used for the copy objects operation. Data will be copied to or from this project depending on the direction selected.
  3. In the Data Manager window, click Copy Objects.

Select direction and project

  1. The Copy Objects tool has two modes. Both modes use the project currently selected in the DUG Insight Launcher.
    • Push To: Copy items from the current project to another project
    • Pull from: Copy items from another project to the current project
  1. In the Project option, you can choose to:
    • Create a new project: click the "+" icon to create a new project with a copy of the selected items.
    • Browse existing project: click the folder icon to select an existing project/folder to copy to/from.

Note: The Add icon will NOT be available if you have selected to Pull From another project.

  1. After choosing the direction and project, click on Select items to copy. The Choose products to copy window will be displayed.

Choose items to copy

  1. Select the type of items to copy from the Type dropdown box.
  2. Optional: Search for a specific item from the list by typing the Name, Owner or Notes. Items that closely matches the search criteria will be listed.
  3. To select multiple objects:
    • Hold SHIFT to select a range of objects; or
    • Hold CTRL to select multiple individual objects.
  4. There are two ways to copy an object:
    • Click the Add button to add multiple selected objects; or
    • Double click to add a single object.
  5. The object(s) will appear at the Items to Copy column.
  6. To remove an object:
    • Remove button - select the object(s) in the Items to Copy section and click Remove.
    • Double click to remove a single object.
    • Press Delete on the keyboard to remove the selected object(s).
    • Right click on an object, or selected objects, and select Remove from copy list.
  7. Click OK to finish selecting.

Note: If you copy a session, Data Manager will copy all the items included in the session. Similarly, adding a process or other item with dependencies will copy everything it references. Click the Help icon at the bottom left of the Copy Objects window for more information.

Copying items

After selecting items, the total number will be displayed.

  1. Check Copy dugio volume data box to copy seismic and other volumes to the destination. If this is not checked, references to the existing dugio volumes are created instead of duplicating data.
  2. Note: Click the Help icon for more information on copying dugio volume data.
  3. Optionally specify the maximum size of volumes to be copied in the Don't copy volumes larger than xxx MB box.
  4. Check Also copy volumes that reside outside the project directory check box to include dugio volumes that are located outside the project directory.
  5. Click Copy items to begin the process.
  6. A notice will appear to confirm that the process has been successful.

Note: The size of volume data has a big impact on how long the copying process will take.