Selecting Well Curves

Wells automatically select the values to display by searching for log curves with matching classes. Use name filters to select a specific curve when several curves have the same class.

When a view is loaded and a well is displayed, Insight searches the well for logs that match its class.

  • If the name filter is empty, display the first log curve that matches the class
  • If the name filter is set:
    • Check each of the patterns in the filter
      • Patterns are separated by commas
    • Use the first curve of that class that matches the pattern


Well Curve Classes

Well curve selection works best when log curves have the correct class assigned.

To set curve classes, see Assigning Classes to Well Curves.

Using the Well Curve Chooser

To select a curve for display or for use in a template, look for the Well Curve Chooser button.

Example 1: From the well details panel (in the Control Panel)

Example 2: From a curve selection (in a well template)

The Well Curve Chooser window appears after clicking the curve-chooser button. There are two different curve chooser windows.

Single-Well Curve Chooser

This window appears when selecting the curve from a single well, e.g. from the Control Panel with one well selected, or the Single Well View.

Because only one curve is chosen, full details of the selected curve are provided.

Multi-Well Curve Chooser

This window appears when selecting a curve for multiple wells, e.g. from the Control Panel with more than one well selected, or the Well Correlation view.

  • Use the green/yellow toggle button to show or hide well curve.

Because curves are selected from several wells, curve details are not provided.

Curve List

  1. All curves matching the class are displayed.
  2. Select a well curve from the list.

Selection Details

  1. Information for the selection is displayed on the right.
    • In Single Well View the values, details and notes of the curve are shown
  • In Well Correlation View, the matching curves for the set of wells is shown.
  1. Enter text in the Name filter to choose specific curves when there are multiple curves for a single class. See Using Text Filters.

Using Text Filters

Use text filters to find a specific curve in a well.

In section views and the Control Panel, text filters can be updated directly:

In other areas, enter name filters in the Well Curve Chooser pop-up:

  1. Enter text in the Name textbox to limit the results to matching curve names.
    • The matching curves from the wells are shown.
  2. Name filter rules:
    • Text is case sensitive.
    • * wildcard matches any text (including nothing).
    • ? wildcard matches any single character in that position, but cannot be empty. Can be used repeatedly to specify number of characters to search.
    • Wildcards can be anywhere in the pattern
  3. Multiple filters can be used by separating them with commas.
    • Filters are checked for matches in the listed order.
  4. One curve is displayed, even if more than one curve is found.
    • The first curve is always selected if there are more than one.

Example: Using the pattern *DT? in the search box

Insight searches for mnemonics that have:

  • Any number of characters before "DT" (* indicates any series of characters) and
  • Any one character afterwards (? indicates exactly one of any character)
  • Matching results are  "QI_Wells: DTS" and "QI_Wells: DT2" but not "QI_Wells: DTS2".

Examples of Matching

  • No search pattern used
    • A curve is found for each well.
  • Exact value
    • Only Well-8 finds a matching curve.
  • With extended patterns of * and ?
    • A curve is found for each well