Control Panel Shortcuts

Insight provides useful shortcut keys to immediately access certain useful functions within a tab. Choose the appropriate tab for the item type before using the hotkey. 

Tip: Press the Spacebar to display the Control Panel. This feature allows you to instantly display the Control Panel from whatever Insight view or window is currently active. For more convenient hotkeys, see the Hotkey Menu.

CTRL+F to search items

  1. Press CTRL+F to search for items with matching names in a tab.
  2. Enter the text to search. If Insight find any matches, the items are highlighted (orange) in the panel.
  3. Check "Include folder names in search" to also match folder names.
  4. Click the "Prev" or "Next" button to step through the results (dark blue).
  5. Click "Select Results" to select all matching results.

Note: In the Process tab, the Find function searches for matching process names and process types.

CTRL+L to load an item

  1. Press CTRL+L to display the load item window.
  2. Choose the item to load and click Add to Session.

CTRL+N to create an item

  1. Press CTRL+N to show the create item window.
  2. Enter a name and click OK to create an item.

Note: CTRL+N will not work in the Imaging, Links, Mute, Volume and Wavelet tabs because of differences in the way they function.

Delete to remove an item

  1. Press the keyboard Delete button on a selected item.
  2. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

CTRL+P to switch between process and the virtual volume

  1. In the Volume or Process tab,  select the item.
  2. Press CTRL+P to switch between the process and the virtual volume created.

ALT+Enter to open Configuration and Settings panel

  1. In the Control Panel, select the desired tab and select the item.
  2. Press ALT+ENTER to open the Configuration window.
  3. Pressing ALT+ENTER in Views will open the Display Settings.

ALT+mnemonic (underlined letters on the toolbar menu) to open items under the relevant menu

Pressing Alt+mnemonic (underlined letters on the toolbar menu) will open the relevant items under the menu. 

For example, to open the options under the Import menu, press ALT+I.

To navigate to an option under the menu, press the underlined letter of the option. For example, to open the Import polygon window, press P.