Picking the Velocity

Your gather and semblance will be displayed in the Gather and Semblance View of the Velocity Picking window. To import an existing velocity, select the Velocity volume from the General tab of the Velocity Picking window (see Configuring the Velocity Picker).

Note: If you are not the owner of the velocity picking, any attempts to add/edit/remove picks will display the Unmodifiable Velocity Picking window. To make changes to the picks, click Take Ownership or Make a Copy of the process in your session. Alternatively, right click on the Velocity Picking in the Imaging tab of Insight's Control Panel and select Take Ownership or Create Copy (see Multi-user Considerations).

  1. In the Semblance View, click anywhere to pick the velocity (to configure the semblance, see Configuring the Semblance and Editing a Colourbar).
  2. The gather will update accordingly in the Gather View as you pick.
  3. The interval velocity will also form based on your picks.
  4. If you click on a point that is within the minimum pick spacing of another pick (see Configuring the Velocity Picker), Insight will not create a new point. Instead, the nearest existing pick will move to that point.
  5. Right click on a pick to delete it.
  6. To remove all the picks, right click in the view and select Remove all picks at this location.
  7. When you have finished picking at a location, save the session.
  8. Press the Up/Down arrow keys to move to the next inline or Left/Right to move to the next crossline.
  9. Click anywhere in the Semblance View to begin picking at that location. You will be able to see neighbouring picks to assist you.
  10. If you are picking at a new location that is covered by the interpolated velocity model, additional picks will automatically be made to match the interpolated velocity (to configure or disable automatic picks, see Interpolation/Extrapolation).

For more information, see the following lessons: