Bulk Operations on Fault Sticks

Select multiple fault sticks for bulk deletion, assigning, unassigning and exporting in Map View, IL/CL View, and 3D View.

Selecting Multiple Fault Sticks

  1. In the Control Panel, select the Fault tab.
  2. Click the pencil icon (picking mode) of the preferred Fault item.
  3. Open the Map View to see the selected fault sticks.
  1. Use CTRL + Left mouse button (CTRL + MB1) to select a fault stick.
    • Click more fault stick while holding the CTRL button for bulk selection.
    • Clicking away from the fault intersection will reset the selection.
    • Selected stick(s) is shown in thicker line and highlighted circle.
  2. Enable picking mode for other Fault item in the Control Panel and continue selecting fault sticks of other fault(s).
    • Disabling picking mode (pencil icon) after selection will still make the selection valid/active.
    • Press Esc at any time to disable picking mode.
  3. To clear the selected fault sticks, right-click on the window, and select Clear selection.

Note: The selected fault sticks will appear highlighted on other section and 3D views.

Using Bulk Operations

Right-click on the bulk-selected fault sticks and click the desired operation:

  • Assign # fault sticks to: Move selected fault sticks to the enable Fault item.
  • Unassign # fault sticks to: Unassigned selected fault sticks and put it back to Unassigned sticks (TWT/TVD).
  • Delete # fault stick: Delete selected fault stick(s).
  • Export # fault stick: Export selected fault sticks (see Exporting a Fault).
  • Clear selection: Clear the currently selected sticks.

Bulk Selection Using Polygon

  1. Enable the fault intersection display in Map View.
    • Go to Map View > Display tab. In the Faults section, click Fault Intersection and select Both.
  2. Right-click on the map and select Create selection polygon.
  3. Pick a selection polygon that covers the whole fault sticks.
  1. Right-click on the picked selection polygon and click Selection region > Select > Select all fault sticks in the polygon.
  2. This will select (appear as bold) all the fault sticks in the selection polygon that intersects the time slice set in Map View.
  3. Browse/scroll through the TWT to ensure all fault sticks are selected.
  4. Right-click again on the selected fault sticks and then assign them to a new/existing fault.
  5. Right-click on the bulk-selected fault sticks, and select Clear selection to reset the selection for the next operation.