Linear Moveout Correction (LMO)

Description Apply or remove LMO correction to gathers.
Module(s) Image Gather Processes
Requirements Volume
Related Stacking, Mute Gathers
Works with Gathers

This process applies or removes a linear moveout correction using a constant velocity.  Linear moveout is applicable to direct arrivals rather than reflected arrivals, which should be corrected using normal moveout (NMO).

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Process tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the Add icon and select New Process.
  3. Scroll down, and double-click on Linear Moveout Correction (LMO).
  4. In the New Linear Moveout Correction (LMO) Process pop-up screen, type a name for the process and, click OK.

Configuring Linear Moveout Correction (LMO)

Smooth a 2D/3D volume
  1. Volume: Select the input volume to be corrected.
  2. Mode: Apply or remove the LMO correction.
  3. Velocity: Either a velocity volume or a constant velocity value. If the velocity provided is insufficiently deep, it will automatically be extrapolated downward.
  4. Offset Source: Whether offset should be taken from the OFFSET header, or calculated from the source and receiver positions (SX/SY/GX/GY headers).
  5. Honour source and receiver depth: When selected, this option will take into account source depths (SELEV) and receiver depths (GELEV) when calculating the LMO correction. For use with OBN data or deep tow (slant cable) data prior to any receiver redatuming.

As a result of this process, a new linear moveout correction volume will be available in the Volume tab.