Creating a Mute Table

A mute table defines a custom mute function in TWT-offset, with the option to specify different mute functions for different horizon values.

Available in: Explorationist, Gather Attributes, and Image Gather Processing modules

Create a mute table

Create an angle mute table
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Mute tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the + icon, and select New Mute Table.
  3. Type a name for the table, and click OK.

Define settings for a mute table

Define settings for angle mute table
  1. Horizon (optional): In the Details Panel, select the horizon associated with the mute functions. If a horizon is not specified, only a single mute function can be defined. If specified, then multiple mute functions can be defined, with each mute function associated with a single horizon value. The mute function for an arbitrary horizon value is computed by linear interpolation.
  2. Mute function table: Define mute functions using TWT (ms) and Offset (m) parameters. If a horizon is specified, then an additional column for the associated Horizon value must be specified.
  3. XY source: Only required if a horizon is specified. This determines which XY header of a trace is used to derive the horizon value. The following are the available options:
    • CMP X/Y location
    • Receiver location
    • Source location
  4. Line:  Select your preferred colour and thickness for the mute curve shown on gather sections.