About Insight

DUG Insight allows you to focus on geoscience, helping you make your next discovery. DUG Insight is a full-service, interactive software platform for advanced seismic data processing and imaging, interpretation, visualisation and QI—across land, marine and ocean-bottom surveys. It also includes DUG’s multi-parameter FWI imaging for revolutionary least-squares imaging solutions.

Key features of Insight

  • Multi-Parameter FWI imaging
  • Full suite of seismic processing and imaging tools for marine, OBN and land surveys
  • Multiple 2D and 3D surveys in a single workspace
  • 3D display window for enhanced visualisation
  • Automatic horizon propagation and manual picking
  • Fault picking and tessellation
  • Well cross-sections in 2D and 3D
  • Rock-physics-guided stratigraphic interpretation
  • Pre-stack data visualisation and interpretation, including multiple-gather and common-offset displays, RMO picking, real-time muting and stacking
  • Unique visualisation specifically for spectral decomposition data
  • 2D, 3D, and gather amplitude extraction along horizons
  • Real-time conversion across time/depth/stratigraphically flattened space
  • Cross-plotting of volume, horizon and well attributes
  • Built-in screen capturing
  • Ability to work simultaneously with multiple data volumes at different horizontal and vertical sampling rates
  • Interactive 3D modelling
  • Body detection and whole-volume 3D visualisation with variable opacity
  • Volume manipulation tools such as sculpting, decimation and user-defined functions
  • Volume attributes such as intercept/gradient, dips, edges, AVA stack rotations (EEI equivalent) and spectral decomposition
  • Interactive, multi-angle synthetics generation with quality-control tools
  • A suite of simple and intuitive mapping tools
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Getting started with Insight

To begin your journey with Insight, check out our Installation and Requirements chapter. 

Watch our Inside Insight videos to learn insightful essentials, and discover hundreds of fantastic tips and tricks.

If you are worried about using your own data, we recommend Using Sample Data to get a first-hand experience to the many features that Insight provides. 

Global technical assistance

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to reply to all of your requests as soon as possible.

Visit www.dug.com/contact or send an email to [email protected] to raise your question or provide feedback.