Selecting Files (ASCII Volume)

Select one or more ASCII files that make up a single 3D volume or 2D volumes. These files should all be of a single data type, with identical sample intervals and trace lengths.

Select 2D or 3D ASCII files for import

Select 3D SEG-Y files for import
  • Add Files — Click this and select the files that you want to load. A list of all the files you have selected will be displayed. You can add more files by clicking Add Files.
  • Remove Selected — Click to delete the selected files from the list of files you want to load.
  • Remove All — Click to remove all the 3D SEG-Y files in the list.

Click Next when you have added all the files you wish to import.

Note: For 2D volumes, only one 2D line per file is allowed. You may load multiple files (of the same keywords and data locations) at once to create a 2D volume of multiple lines.

Genuine offer of assistance

DUG understands that importing ASCII volume data can be a confusing task.

Whether you are using a trial version or a fully-paid licence, we will help you to import your data to Insight so that you will get the maximum out of your data.

For more information, contact support at [email protected].