Working with 2D Surveys

A 2D survey is a collection of related 2D lines. Each line is defined by a set of tie points that link common midpoint (CMP) locations to eastings and northings (X/Y).

  1. Surveys are found in the Survey tab of the Control Panel.
  2. Select a 2D survey to show its details in the panel below.
    • Survey name
    • Line colour: The display colour for lines in views.
    • Line count: The number of lines in the survey.
    • Search box: Type text to show matching lines.
    • A list of the lines in the 2D survey, matching the search
    • Information on selected line(s).
  3. One or more 2D lines can be selected:
    • Single line: Click the line.
    • Consecutive lines: Click the first line, press Shift and left-click the last line.
    • Any lines: Press Ctrl button and left-click each line.

When a single 2D line is selected:

  • The extents information shows the start and end coordinates, the CMP range, and the length.

When multiple lines are selected:  

  • The extents information shows the total number of lines, the total CMP count and the total line length.

2D Survey Context Menu

Right-click to access the context menu.

  • Deselect All: Clear the line selection.
  • Delete line(s) from 'survey_name': Remove selected line(s) from the survey.
  • Add to Line Set: Add selected line(s) to a new or existing line set (see Managing 2D line set).
  • New 2D Line View: Show line(s) in a new 2D Line View (see Viewing Lines in 2D Line Views).
  • Copy Line Name: Copy names of the line(s) to clipboard.