Using the Probabilities Tab

Every parameter available for custom crossplot has its properties and frequencies displayed in the Probabilities tab. Information in the Probabilities tab cannot be altered manually. It is based on the determining factor and stochastic parameters set in the QI Stochastic Model window.

Model: Select to display either the Lithology Properties or the Interface Properties.

Property: Click the drop-down arrow to see the available options, and select one of the rock properties to display.

Depth: Scenarios are modelled at various depths for better estimation and understanding of a set of probabilities. Select a desired depth.

Plot Settings:

  • Legend: To display the legend, click the amber circle. The amber circle will turn green. Click the green circle to hide the legend, and the green circle will turn amber. Select the position of the legend from the drop-down list.
  • Zero Lines: Show/hide a line intersecting the 0 value of the vertical axis.
  • Width and Height: Customize the width and height of the probability charts. 0 is assigned for the automatically selected scale.

Ranges: Set the desired ranges for Vp, Probability, and Posterior axes.