Resampling Time-Depth Pairs

This process is used to resample, or decimate a set of existing checkshots.

Checkshots are generated spaced at regular MD intervals based on a source of velocity data, starting from a manually entered time-depth pair.  Some of these checkshots may be removed if they are not required to achieve a specified level of accuracy in TWT.  

  1. Set the time-depth survey to resample as the default time-depth pairs in the well.
  2. From the Tool menu in the Control Panel, open the Synthetics view.
  3. Select the Current Well.
  4. Right click on the T/D Pair Track.
  5. Select Create/Resample Time-Depth Survey.
  1. Either resample the current T/D pairs or tick the Create New Time-Depth Survey option to create a new survey. Note: When creating a new survey, a unique name must be provided.
  2. At Mode, select Resample.
  3. Input an Initial Time-Depth Pair that must fall within the range of existing checkshots.
  4. At Interval (MD), insert a minimum MD interval between consecutive resampled checkshots.
  5. Define the Accuracy (ms). Pairs that affect time-depth conversion below this amount are excluded.