PPP: Module Summary

DUG Insight's Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP) module is a powerful tool for interactive geopressure analysis, calibration, and prediction at wells and in 3D.


More than 25% of drilling non-productive time (NPT) is due to overpressure. In addition to decreasing the NPT, correct prediction of the pressure regime enables faster drilling, less formation invasion, and therefore improved reservoir integrity.

Features include:

  • Interactively model and predict overburden, pore, and fracture pressures.
  • 1D prediction and well calibration.
  • 3D prediction from seismic velocities.
  • Model centroid and fluid buoyancy effects including hydrocarbon column height.
  • Uncertainty simulation.
  • Eaton's and Miller's methods for pore pressure prediction.
  • Matthews-Kelly method for fracture gradient prediction.
  • Integrate calibration data (MDT, LOT, MW, etc).

The Pore Pressure Prediction module is a seamless addition to DUG Insight, with an intuitive, interactive interface for rapid analysis.