Working with Single Well View

  1. Select MDKB, TVDSS, or TWT to display the well in that domain. In TWT, the log data is transfromed to time using the well time-depth set.
  2. Select the Current Well from the dropdown search box. You can also use the mouse-scrollwheel to scroll through the available wells in the session. To import wells, see Loading Wells.

Note: Only enabled wells are selectable in this view, please ensure that indicator of the well is lit green to ensure that it is viewable. Read about activating/deactivating items.

Template tab

The Display tab allows you to manage well curve templates and well selections, and adjust settings for the entire view.

  1. Templates can be exported to files and re-imported. These files can be shared between users, projects and sessions. Read more about Working with Templates.
  2. The View settings section allows you to:
    • Fit width: fit the width of the well track(s) to the Insight window;
    • Header/Footer height: modify the size of the well curve header and footer; and
    • Font and Font style: make adjustments to the font, size, and style of the text.
  3. Adjust the Vertical axis values scrollbar to increase/decrease the vertical time/depth domain track value or change the major/minor lines size, colour and type.
  4. Change the Marker line thicknes and click the checkbox to use similar marker colour for all labels.