Attribute Maps

Description Create attributes maps by retrieving from the header or calculated from the samples.
Module(s) Image Gather Processes
Requirements Volume
Works with Gathers

Create attributes maps by retrieving from the header or calculated from the samples. It can be saved as a header, viewed as an attribute volume or use in surface-consistent processes.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Process tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the Add icon and select New Process.
  3. Scroll down and double-click on Attribute Maps.
  4. Type a name for the process and click OK.

Configuring Attribute Maps

Smooth a 2D/3D volume
  1. Volume: Select the input volume.
  2. Attribute source: 
    • Calculate from Samples: Calculates an attribute over one or more vertical windows, outputting to the specified headers and/or a separate attribute map volume for use with the Attribute Map View or surface-consistent processing.
    • From Headers: Produces an attribute map volume with one or more attributes pulled from headers for use with the Attribute Map View.

When used in workflows, an attribute map volume is output separately and not passed on to subsequent processes. The input volume can be passed through unchanged using the Also produce Process Output option, or attribute values can be used in subsequent processing by storing them in an Output Header.

Important: attribute map volumes are a special type of volume and don't support normal compression modes.

  1. Primary
    • Set Headers in Process Output: Store attributes in headers in the process output volume, without producing a separate attribute map volume.
    • For Attribute Map View: Output an attribute map volume optimised for viewing.
    • For Surface-Consistent Processing: Output a volume that can be used as input to surface-consistent processing.
  2. Secondary
    • None (Attribute Map volume ONLY): Only an attribute map volume is produced. There can be no subsequent processes in a workflow.
    • Also produce Process Output: In addition to the attribute map volume, the input volume is passed through to the remainder of the workflow. Use Output Header to optionally store attribute values in the headers of this volume.
  3. Attribute
    • Windowing Mode
      • Whole trace: A single attribute is calculated from each whole trace
      • Windowed: One or more attributes are calculated over specified vertical windows
    • Output Header: Header to optionally set to the attribute value, scaled and shifted by the given values.

Viewing the Attribute Maps

  1. In the Control Panel, go to View > Attribute Map.
  2. Select the Attribute Volume.
  3. Select the Window/Attribute.