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Formats accepted by Insight for import and export

Ever wondered what formats to use when importing into Insight, or which formats can be exported? Well, this is a nifty guide to formats in Insight. Also attached is the complete table for your convenience.

Product Import Export Extra information
Horizons .ilcl, .ilclt, .ilclz .ilclt DUG format
.ilcla, .xyt, .xyz, .xya, .dat, .dugmsh .dugmsh Dugmsh will export multiple horizon properties
.dat (geoquest card image 7)
(Should be able to load both v10 and v11.), import into Insight as XYT horizons. Then regrid onto the associated survey.
.dat Customised txt file (can choose the options you wish to export)
Insight exports multiple horizons as .separate ilclt (or XYT) files.
CPS-3 / CP3 CPS-3 is a Geoframe compatible format accepted for import
- Horizon Import File Formats
- Horizon Export File Formats
Faults .dufault Old Insight fault format
.gq7 GeoQuest Card image 7
(GeoQuest format)
.dat, .IESX
(GeoQuest/IESX format)
GeoQuest/IESX format
- Exports both a.dat file and a .iesx file.
- Batch Export will export a single . dat file containing all the faults
(VoxelGeo XVD)
VoxelGeo XYZ is a paradigm compatible format, to import fault sticks.
.ts GoCAD tsurf is another paradigm compatible format that can be used to export a single fault surface.
Insight's fault loader is pretty flexible as long as the general file layout is adhered to.

- How do I import or export faults?
Polygons .dupoly .dupoly DUG format
.dat, .IESX
(GeoQuest/IESX format)
.dat, .IESX
(GeoQuest/IESX format)
GeoQuest/IESX format - (Reserved for Fault polygon, will still import with the incorrect name but will get horizon error.)
.dat or .plg
(Kingdom Planimeter Polygon Format)
.dat or .plg
(Kingdom Planimeter Polygon Format)
Kingdom Planimeter Polygon Format
.txt ASCII plain text format
.kml, .kmz Needs project CRS to enable export option
Cultures .duculture
.shp (ESRI Shapefiles)
.duculture DUG format (duculture)
.dupoints .dupoints X Y or Long Lat (two columns only)
.geo tiff- (georeferenced tiff image) .tif
.png (Images only, using Insight's screen capture tool) Note: Our online manual has useful workflows on importing Culture files (see How do I import a culture file? and How do I load a culture file?).

Note: If importing an ASCII text file, the following requirements must be met:
- Latitude and longitude coordinates must be defined in decimal degrees
- Coordinates must be space delimited
- Text file must have the extension .duculture
.kml, .kmz .kml, .kmz Needs project CRS to enable export option
Surveys .survey
During SEGY import navigation data can be loaded in as text file (ASCII .txt file or P190 files)
.survey If need to edit a survey file this can be done manually by exporting a survey file. The file can be reloaded into an existing survey (see Replacing a Survey)
.kml, .kmz Needs project CRS to enable export option
Seismic Volumes .sgy .sgy
.dugio .dugio DUG format
ASCII/ text (SUASCII/CSV) Seismic SU Header file in ASCII format
Velocity Volumes .sgy .sgy
.dugio .dugio DUG format
.velf Seismic stacking velocity data file format
For ASCII: VELF or DISKOS V98.1 / ESSO V2 / Custom (Column-based)
3D Gathers .vds Only works on Linux
Mistie Correction Table N/A .csv (copy) Right click on the Mistie table to get the copy option
Colourbar .ducolbar .ducolbar
.ducb .ducb
.alut .alut Petrel colourbar format
Arblines .duarb .duarb Points of the arbline
.su Data in arbline
Wells .duwell, OWX or ASC OWX or ASC
Traces along a well N/A .su (Seismic Unix)
.txt (ASCII)
Deviation survey ASCII (.txt, .asc, .prn, .nav, .csv, .dat) .txt Can import both delimiter and fixed width, configure on import
T-D chart ASCII (.txt, .asc, .prn, .nav, .csv, .dat) .txt Can import both delimiter and fixed width, configure on import
Markers ASCII (.txt, .asc, .prn, .nav, .csv, .dat, .tsv) .txt, .csv, .tsv Can import both delimiter and fixed width, configure on import
Log curves .las, ASCII .las, ASCII
Synthetics View
Export synthetic at well/all wells
Export seismic at well/all wells
N/A .su (Seismix Unix)
.txt (ASCII)

TWT, value
Can export seismic and synthetic at all wells.
Wavelets .wf, .su, .txt, .asc, .prn, .nav, .csv, .dat .wf (Wavelet Field)
Mutes .mute .mute
Crossplots - Points in Polygons .sgy .sgy
.dugio .dugio DUG format
Objects that Insight cannot currently export

Genuine offer of assistance

If you have any further questions or problems with formats, do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team at [email protected].