Displaying Horizon Histograms

From horizon tab

Adjust the horizon display/histogram
  1. Go to the Horizons tab and select a horizon.
  2. Expand the Display/Histogram section in the Details Panel.
  3. Select the Histogram type and click Create.
  4. A pop-up window with the histogram showing the selected distribution will be displayed.


From map view

  1. Go to Control Panel > Map view.
  2. Select the desired horizon from the Horizon box at the top navigation bar.
  3. Right click on the map view and select Histogram for "horizon_name".
  1. Capture image: Click to capture an image of the histogram (see Taking Screen Captures).
  2. Histogram bins: The number of bins to use when counting the data points
  3. 3D effect: Add a 3D shadow to the bars
  4. Use class range: Use the min and max values from the horizon data class
  5. Class Button: Click to show the Edit Class window (see Editing a Class)
  6. Include all points: When checked, points below the range are included in the first bin, and points above the range are included in the last bin. If unchecked, these points are ignored.
  7. Min/Max value: Enter the minimum and maximum bin values for the histogram.
  8. Adjust button: Set the min/max to the smallest/largest data points respectively.