Selection Groups

With large numbers of volumes, it can become difficult to compare two or more volumes in the section view without changing the list order of the volumes or turning off all the other volumes, only to turn them back on once the comparison is finished.

Add multiple 3D and 2D volumes and even groups to a preferred selection group (see Adding and reordering items to Selection group) to make a sub list of the volumes you want to work with.

In the session below, there are many volumes in the project and the reprocessed volumes are not listed alongside the original final stack. In the section view, it is not possible to simply roll the mouse to switch from Full_Stack_Final to the reprocessed version unless the list order is changed or other volumes are turned off.

By creating a selection group, the 2 volumes can be placed together in a sub list.

In the section view, scroll the mouse wheel over the Vol box to flip between the volumes added to the Selection group without changing the overall order of volumes in the list, or turning off other volumes.