Using the Headers View

Use this view to inspect trace headers for volume data.  Trace headers include additional metadata about each trace. They are often set by the seismic processing company, and are imported directly from the original SEG-Y data.

Trace headers can be updated and changed using a Header Maths process, and their values can be used as variables in Volume Maths processes.

Note: To use Headers View effectively, it should be accompanied with the other Views e.g. Map View, 3D View, or IL/CL View.

  1. Access the Headers View window from Control Panel > View > Headers View.
  2. Select the desired volume from the Volume search box. Different volumes can be selected to match the volumes being selected in other section views.
  3. Use the mouse cursor on a Views window and the Headers View will show the header information of the trace from the selected volume at the cursor location.