Installing the Petrel Link

Before installing the Petrel Link, see Insight and Petrel to make sure you meet the installation requirements. The Petrel Link supports Petrel versions from 2012 to 2023.

Insight and Petrel Link are bundled together in the same installer. During installation of Insight, if the Setup Wizard detects the Petrel E&P software in your machine (see How Insight detects the Petrel installation), it will enable you to install a compatible version of Petrel Link with that version of Insight.

If you have multiple versions of Petrel installed on one machine, Insight will install the plugin for all detected versions of Petrel.

Follow the steps in Installing Insight on Windows to install the Petrel Link.

Note: If the Petrel link check box is disabled during setup, it is either because:

  • Insight cannot detect that the Petrel software is installed (see How Insight detects the Petrel Installation), or
  • You have chosen to install just for one user (the Petrel Link needs to be installed in Program Files by an administrator).
  • (rarely) Petrel may not have shut down correctly. Restart the machine to ensure Petrel has completely shut down.

Once the Petrel Link has been installed, proceed to Linking Insight and Petrel to begin viewing and editing Petrel data in Insight and vice versa.


  • The Petrel Link cannot be installed separately from DUG Insight using the installer as it requires the same version and build as Insight to successfully connect. This is a safeguard to prevent users from attempting to connect using an incompatible version. If you already have Insight on your machine, we recommend re-installing it together with the Petrel Link. If all else fails, there is a way to install the Petrel Link from Petrel's plug-in manager after Insight has been installed.
  • During installation, make sure to select the Install for all users of this machine option because the Petrel Link needs administration rights to be installed in Program Files. 
  • If you are unsure whether the Petrel Link has been successfully installed, see Troubleshooting: Verifying Petrel Link.